Our approach is simple:

do good business.

Words create meaning, actions make impact.

Digital Knack is a female-founded, inclusive company. We’re insatiably curious and mindful of the human experience that every recruitment effort entails.

We don’t sacrifice quality. We run with operational efficiency, tech tools (built and curated), and behavioral science theories. Our relentless effort is to care the most and be the best at what we do — with the results to show for it.

We bring inclusivity to innovation.

Diversity is not an option. It drives growth and reduces strategic oversight – while building successful, dynamic teams. By bringing together the widest range of thought, experience, and background possible, we build better teams.

To us, recruiting responsibly is

  • Renouncing tokenized hiring norms
  • Actively expanding opportunity access
  • Learning identities rather than assigning them
  • Hiring for business need and coachability
  • Working with respect, humility, and honesty


We are better together, but only if we are different.


Finding your place and purpose while being you.


Equality is the end goal, we need equity to get there.


Inclusive of all identities and suspending judgement.

We became a
B-corporation to be

Diversity, Equity, Belonging, and Inclusion. These four fundamentals shape our strategy and actions as a talent recruiting and consulting firm – internally and externally.

Be in good company


‘dEBI’ is our proprietary set of principles and research-backed recruitment practices.  The work of dEBI is to ensure DK’s work brings more inclusivity to all identities. dEBI is a company-wide commitment that lives, breathes and evolves as we do. Through dEBI, we offer business training in the field of workplace diversity, equity, belonging, and inclusion.

Straight from the source