Scaling engineering and quality assurance for Clicktripz
Travel Ad-Tech
Hiring for: Engineering, QA, and Analytics
Partnership model: Retainer, Contingency

ClickTripz uses contextual and behavioral data to help travel companies maximize revenue and reach travelers when and where it matters most.

High-impact Hires

22 full-time engineers and a
QA team built from scratch.


Improved candidate journeys and talent intelligence.


10% saved in EE onboarding. HackReactor partnership for talent.

The Need

Our recruitment challenge

A recruiting partner that could build in-office and remote teams across engineering and analytics, in addition to building a quality assurance function from the ground up. A team that could bring talent intelligence and interview structure to carry candidates through the lifecycle and build servicing models for a self-funded startup to scale. They needed ad-tech and digital advertising savviness to recruit and screen against company solutions and build needs. They wanted recruiting that didn’t cut corners and safeguarded company culture during hyper-growth.

The Impact

Our solution

Digital Knack has recruited 21 (and growing) talented engineers and tech pros to ClickTripz – via recruitment, management of inbound applicants, and securing a partnership with Hack Reactor. Here are a few key wins:

  • Senior software engineer (Data Science), the company’s first hire from Google
  • Director of Analytics & 2 Analysts
  • Director of Product (Big Data, Machine Learning)
  • 15+ Full-Stack and Front-End Engineers
  • Quality Assurance Manager & 7 QA Testers
Our gratitude
Our gratitude

Ross Weber Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO at Clicktripz

“Digital Knack is a 360 player in talent consulting, and they’ve proven to be invaluable in solving our current talent needs.”

Cassie Rosengren CEO at Digital Knack

“When you come across leaders that had distributed workforces and employee-care summits before mainstream buy-in, you pay attention. This is a team, and company, of humans who have the ingenuity and intent to build something great. It’s a genuine gift to work with this C-Suite and team. They value our hiring perspective and take the time to know us; hence why ping pong matches and candid conversations are genuine and enjoyable.”


Written by Cassie Rosengren, Co-Founder and Managing Partner