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Known to bring diversity of thought, functional expertise, and tailored recruitment strategies.

3 yrs

Avg. time clients
work with us


of the time, we
build 2 new teams


We recruit 1/5 of
early-stage teams

Our talent solutions
build strong teams

DK creates dedicated pods, “Search Squads,” that bring focus, capacity, and congruency to every search we take on.

How We Recruit

No matter the model, we recruit with credibility, pipeline velocity,
and social responsibility.

1. Do the groundwork

Get clear on talent needs, business goals, and market insights via DK Research and Click Kick-Off; run pre-mortem.

2. Commit our people

Create a dedicated "Search Squad" to bring focus, capacity, and congruency to the work at hand.

3. Go-to-market

Create candidate personas and launch go-to-market strategy. A/B test approach, pivot with learnings, and provide insights.

4. 360 talent assessment

Evaluate talent for essential skills and ethos. Present top 5% and manage candidate journey end-to-end.

5. Make hire

Bring transparency, fairness, and momentum to final offer expectations; secure hire; run post-mortem.

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We’re a Certified

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As a female-founded and led company, we’re focused on bringing inclusivity to innovation. The work starts with us, and we’re just getting started.