Recruiting 20%+ of Strivr’s pre-Series A hires
Industry: Immersive Learning, Virtual Reality
Hiring for: Design, Marketing, People and HR, Engineering and Tech, Customer Success, Client Solutions, Instructional Design
Partnership model: Retainer & Contingency

Strivr is using immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) to redefine the way people learn and train. They empower people to perform at their best by combining real-world experience with cutting-edge technology. Strivr is a new market category company with a culture that’s palpable – scrappy, smart, and fearless.

Highly-targeted Talent

Curated niche expertise for this first-of-its-kind company.

Secured Hires

Made impact on their bottom line by
exceeding quota(s).

Co-created a Process

Lauched new jobs and evaluated new talent (interview process & interviewing tactics).


Built 4 cross-functional teams: Instructional Design, Client Solutions, Design, and Customer Success.

The Need

Our recruitment challenge

In 2016 Strivr had 20 people, an A round closed, an executive team wearing more hats than sustainable, and a go-to-market plan that propelled Strivr into the leading Enterprise immersive training company.

In the “early” years, they needed an entrepreneurial talent partner that could tailor new recruiting playbooks for this new solution and company. Strivr needed to hire “the firsts” of almost every function. Then, scale those functions with integrity and ingenuity.

The Impact

Our solution

Partners since 2016, Digital Knack has gone on to hire 50+ employees at Strivr across almost every single function (entry to leadership). We’ve placed 30%+ of the company to date.

4 new functions were built and scaled – Instructional Design, Client Solutions, Design, and Customer Success. 3 additional functions were scaled – People/HR, Customer Support, and Engineering.

6 years later and our impact continues. Early founding hires are now leading and managing, and those originating teams continue hiring.

Our gratitude
Our gratitude

Mina Rozenshine Head of People at Strivr

“DK takes the time to really understand our business through our short-term and long-term goals, overall hiring needs, and team-specific needs. They continue to identify culture adds and are always leaning into diversity. They are flexible in tailoring a customized approach and are solutions-based regarding business needs. I have also experienced an outstanding level of accountability from DK. When I partner with them, I can trust that they will do a great job from sourcing to closing candidates. And, they are fun”

Cassie Rosengren CEO at Digital Knack

“Strivr is a company that inspires us. We’ve shaped partnership models and evolved our client value capacities through our work together. From Dere CEO, Mina Head of People, the originating leaders, and teams of today …. there is this intrinsic value in our work together. In the truest sense of a partnership, they make us better and we show up at our best to deliver.”


Written by Cassie Rosengren, Co-Founder and Managing Partner