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Our approach

We leverage technology, data, human-behavior theories, agile principles, and industry expertise to serve as your people partner. Starting with your business objectives and fibers of your culture, we craft Target Candidate Personas (TCPs) that represent your core hiring criteria, and screen critically against those metrics.

We determine who you need to hire, when, and how. Our joy is to present a shortlist of highly viable candidates and guide the entire recruiting cycle, from interview to offer negotiation.

Ways we work


Built for ala carte recruitment needs of non-executive talent. Runs on a pure performance service model wherein a placement fee is due only upon successful hire with a 90-day guarantee.

Total Placement Fee = (Annual Base Salary) X (DK % Fee)


Built for strategic recruitment needs of executive and niche talent, as well as confidential searches. Runs on a 2-part service model retaining DK with an upfront, non-refundable fee (deposit), then the balance of the placement fee is paid upon successful hire with a 90-day guarantee.

Deposit is applied towards final Placement Fee. Deposit is the only cost to the client if the search is canceled or no hire is made.

Total Placement Fee = (Annual Base Salary) X (DK % Fee)
Due in 2 installments: Deposit + (Total Placement Fee) – Deposit


Built for on-demand recruitment needs for cross-functional and continuous recruitment support. Runs on a service model wherein DK plugs-in as a native extension of the Client for a flat, predictable pricing structure.

DK can distinctly power outbound or inbound candidate pipelines, or both in parallel. Designed for Clients who need full-cycle recruitment support for multiple roles while upholding or improving on recruiting processes and logistics.

Monthly Retainer to run a set # of roles at a time. 3-6 month commitment.

50+ hires

XFN recruiting:
Technical, Client & People teams

Cross-functional growth needs dynamic and functional expertise.

We deliver across engineering, creative, marketing, human resources, finance, customer growth, and support functions.

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