Built 50% of Alliance’s founding team across 3 functions

Industry: Software
Hiring for: Engineering, Project Management, Marketing
Partnership model: Retainer

Founded in 2021, Alliance is a software company bootstrapped by the Founder to simplify and streamline sales cycles. Proof of concept led to company commitment and growth. Alliance makes communications, lead generation, and network expansion seamless.

0 to MVP

hired builders of product
and brand

Flagship Hires

new functions created: engineering, growth marketing, and project management

Diverse Talent

inclusivity and diversity early on sets the standard for growth ahead

The Need

Our recruitment challenge

A recruiting arm who believed in the vision before beta product was live, to build flag-ship teams. Engineering talent to accelerate the build and launch of beta solution, scale and iterate for customers, and set the culture blueprint. Marketing and Project Management that could write the playbooks and grow users plus drive product enhancements.

Recruitment that ran on transparency, ingenuity, and integrity. Talent that had the ability and motivation for this early-stage environment to capitalize on market momentum and thrive.

The Impact

Our solution

Delivered a majority of first hires for the newly founded company across 3 functions.

Advised on hiring plan, interview processes, logistics, and talent intelligence to drive key hiring needs for business impact.

  • 2 Full-Stack Engineers, 2 Front-End Engineers
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Growth Marketer
Our gratitude
Our gratitude

Jacob Kranz CEO & Founder at Alliance

“As a software engineer turned founder, I’ve met many recruiters. Digital Knack is the only firm I’ll be trusting with my business. Most recruiters focus on filling the role as a transaction. DK goes above & beyond. They vet to ensure I meet the most aligned talent while protecting candidate interests too.”

Melanie DabuPartner at Digital Knack

“Jacob, Founder of Alliance, is impassioned to build a great company vs. just a great product. This makes it not only rewarding to work with them but also incredibly fun! We are first-hand witnesses to Alliance treating people with the highest levels of integrity and transparency which is especially important for an early-stage startup. Thanks for trusting us, Alliance, we are honored.”


Written by Cassie Rosengren, Co-Founder and Managing Partner