Step 6: Evaluate their Follow-up

For any role, and especially sales, follow-up should be timely and personable. Here are some evaluation metrics:

  • Did they follow up within 48 hours? (For sales, they absolutely should)
  • Was their follow up personable? (For sales, it absolutely should be)
  • Was there a call to action and push for next steps? (For sales, should, yet if they are truly junior, this may not be learned yet – remember, they may come from an environment that encouraged them not to drive action in such a way, so take note and remember to touch on this…ask them why they did not push for action and ensure that there is no judgement, rather, that you are curious. Their feedback will allow you to shape where they are coming from and what their thought process was – are they malleable with potential that needs guidance, or are they missing basic sales mentality you see as necessary on day 1?)


  • You are a direct representation of your brand, this role and the employee’s perceived value of joining this team.
  • You are being interviewed by the candidate. Consider the candidate as the customer –a top performer will not be desperately interviewing, but evaluating you as they strive to put their best foot forward during the interview process.
  • They care about who you are –you are a part of this team, you have insights they want. Be personable, make them feel comfortable to be their authentic self. You are hiring them and their authentic self is who you are getting so make sure you are interviewing the true them. You can do this by making them feel comfortable to be themselves. A big way to do that is simply to be yourself, be transparent and be engaging.