Executive Search Case Study

by | Apr 25, 2023

Recruiting leaders that build great companies

To build a great company, you need great leaders. Executives have far-reaching influence, which is why we take a unique approach to Executive Search.

Functional Builders

Succession Planning

Mergers & Acquisitions

The Need

Our recruitment challenge

Seed-to-IPO-stage companies face transformational moments that need capable leaders.

The Impact

Our solution

When there is a gap on the Executive Bench, we close it. We bring functional expertise and a diversity-first approach to C-Suite, VP and Director recruitment.

– Consultative Needs Assessent
– Market Research and Recruitment Plan
– Go To Market
– Engage & Evaluate Target Execs
– Present Top 5% of Aligned Candidates
– Expectations & Relational Management
– Report on Recruiting Activity, Talent Pipeline & Insights
– Offer Negotations & Close

Executives Hired

20% Ave. Pass Rate by DK
(deeply vetted talent)

Ave. Days to Offer

Functional Leaders for Engineering, Product, Operations, Marketing, Sales, Finance, People/HR


Offer Acceptance

Infancy to IPO Clientele: Angel, Series A, Series B, Series C, PE, Acquisitions, IPO

Our gratitude
Our gratitude

Krishna Subramanian CEO Captiv8

“Dk’s commitment to uncovering blindspots, representing our brand with integrity, and relational management is unparalleled. Expect a consultative partner to assess core leadership needs, build a recruitment strategy, and bring insights that inform, empower and bring stakeholder alignment. “

Cassie Rosengren CEO at Digital Knack

“Leaders have a profound influence on their employees and their company’s success; and getting the executive bench right for growth chasms ahead is mission-critical to any org. Our distinguished approach to Executive Seach was built in-hand with our clientele wherein trust, business alignment, and market intelligence are necessary. We take great pride in the dynamic leaders recruited, now at the helm of our clientele.”


Written by Digital Knack