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Why Join?

ListReports is a 6 year old technology company in the real estate space on a mission to make buying and selling a home a truly delightful experience. To them, this mission is urgent and exciting, and they pour their hearts, minds, and tons of energy into it. ListReports has a flywheel-driven business model with a company culture that is built upon helping people uncover their biggest strengths and empowering them to use them to the fullest extent possible. They’re also delightfully weird, and take pride in being authentically themselves.

Your Mission:

As an experienced Senior Account Executive, you’ll provide exceptional service to ListReports’ elite Loan Officer clients. They recently launched a new product for premium loan officers called Acquire – and it’s been a home run in the market! This new product calls for experienced, high touch, and “always professional” Account Management with a touch of Sales. They are looking specifically for someone who deeply understands the mortgage industry and is a shrewd closer.

This role is a true “relationship owner” – you call the shots and make sure that everyone fulfills their role internally in providing exceptional service to this fairly new (and very exciting!) client base. Once the sales team closes a deal, you take over. You make sure that a delightful customer experience is delivered, and that significant value to their business is added by coaching these big-time loan officers on how to better engage with agents. The perfect person for this role has a combination of a truly magnetic personality that can move people (internal teammates and customers alike) to action and an obsession with detail and quality. If you have deep industry knowledge, a legitimate gift at keeping clients with high expectations super happy, a penchant for frequent and quality communication, and love the thrill of building something -- this might be the perfect role for you.


You Can Expect To:

  • Handhold new bright-eyed customers through the onboarding process (delight may as well be your middle name!)
  • Take an intense interest in their business goals and brainstorm creatively on how you can best add value (listening coupled with taking action are totally two of your superpowers)
  • Leverage and quarterback many different resources internally to provide exceptional service to these elite customers, including reporting and other behind-the-scenes functions
  • Execute ongoing and frequent check-ins with customers to ensure things are moving in the direction of mutual success
  • Be diligent in your documentation, creating detailed notes, to-do lists, action plans etc. that are easily accessible to everyone involved internally
  • Over-communicate when things are going well and not-so-well (you don’t ever let these major clients “come to you”)
  • Stay hyper-observant on what is working for your clients and spread that knowledge to all of the customers you are coaching
  • Need the patience to teach customers the best (and newest) ways of engaging agents to help grow their business 
  • Take a deep and genuine interest in product feedback and ideas, relaying these ideas to the product team on behalf of our most important customers
  • Be willing to jump on a plane if you need to (you might have to put out a fire on occasion, sure, but it might also be a client celebration or event they’d like you to attend because they love working with you)
  • Leverage the relationship you’ve built to get a renewal rate that you can be proud of (you might need to be somewhat aggressive, negotiate, sell, and do a hard close in some cases).

Who You Are:

  • Presence: You are polished, period. You have an aura of confidence about you that is noticeable and admired, but you’re also welcoming and engaging. You would have zero qualms about attending an event at the White House and would also do equally well at a backyard barbeque. You’re someone that people (at any level) want to be around. 
  • Communication: You’re an over-communicator, but not the kind that drives people crazy. You simply don’t hesitate to communicate news that’s either good, bad or ugly, often beating people to the punch on communication – you’re always first and it’s always clear. 
  • Organization: ListReports is building the plane as they fly it, which is super fun but also incredibly intense – things get forgotten or lost easily. Since you are the relationship owner with the biggest customers, you have to be “level 10” organized. Everything has to be documented and accounted for. 
  • Ethics: This is a highly ethical company, and they won’t sacrifice that for anyone or anything. Ethics are extremely important to your personal value set and are something you would never compromise. This is not always easy in this industry, you know this. At the end of the day, you consider yourself a closer with a ton of charm but you’re not a bullsh*tter, ever.
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