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Software Engineer 

Fanhouse was started to help creators like their cofounder Jasmine have a safe space to make money online. Their small team of 7 has helped creators earn over $3M in the past year. 

If you believe in a future where social media is more authentic and focused on creators, join Fanhouse on their mission to empower online creators and build a rapidly-growing consumer social platform connecting creators with their top fans. 

Who they can count on to… 

- own: writing high-quality code, giving input on architecture and stack, debugging and refactoring web and mobile code bases 

- teach: communicate technical challenges to other teammates, share best practices with teammates, explain architecture to new hires 

- learn: deep understanding of code base, tackle new technologies and tools, empathize with user needs for security, safety, responsiveness 

- improve: optimization and performance, security, code readability and scalability, balancing stability and speed at which new features are released 

Within 1 month, you’ll:

  • Become familiar with the architecture across the backend, frontend web, and/or mobile app code bases 
  • Debug impactful bugs 
  • Ship new features into production 
  • Code review with team

Within 3 months, you’ll:

  • Become an expert with the codebase 
  • Help document and triage bugs 
  • Spend 20% of your time working on experimental and delightful features 
  • Spec new features 
  • Help onboard new hires 
  • Talk to creators about how certain features are working for them 

Within 6 months, you’ll:

  • Contribute to interview materials and processes
  • Interview and assess engineering candidates 
  • Contribute to large scale architectural and stack-related decisions 
  • Own entire features and be responsible for maintaining and improving them 
Within 12 months, you'll:
  • Become a leader and resource for the team
  • Be prepared to manage a team of engineers OR continue driving key feature development as an IC
  • Mentor new hires

You’d be a great fit if you: 

  • Have 2+ years fullstack web development or mobile development experience 
  • Have deep knowledge in some of the following technologies, and a willingness to learn the rest: GCP, React, Node.js, Flutter. 
  • Have a track record of solo projects, leading teams, new product development, early stage startup experience 

What is Fanhouse? 

There are over 50 million creators on the internet. Some have thousands of fans, some have millions. At Fanhouse, they believe that *every* creator generates immense cultural value and fosters deep community -- and they should be fairly paid for that. Fanhouse is a subscription social media platform where online creators share the behind-the-scenes of their lives and engage with their closest fans. Since launch, creators have earned over $3,000,000 from their fans on Fanhouse, enabling them to pay off medical bills, student loans, rent, and credit card debt. 

Fanhouse's team values unique perspectives and experiences, and we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply.

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