Lead Backend Developer

Open To Remote
Preferred Location / Timezone: US-based

Join a fully and self-funded stealth startup with a CEO / Founder who himself has a tech background and has worked at Unicorns. They pride themselves in understanding the value of paying market salaries and granting equity in the company you’ll be helping to grow.

A startup at this stage is perfect for someone who wants to jump-in and build a product from the ground-floor with experienced entrepreneurs and software engineers. We’re looking for a true Lead-level Software Engineer – someone who is skilled at, and enjoys, the complexities of both engineering and people leadership.

3 things to know about the team

  • The CEO / Founder was one of the first Software Engineers at a unicorn, has led teams at various companies including a FAANG co., and has helped build & grow various other startups. Retirement doesn’t suit him, so he’ll be working alongside you to help build a really strong backend team.
  • It’s a very small, early-stage company although your peers would include a very strong Frontend Lead and Head of Product. You’d be the first lead engineer entrusted with the backend team by the CEO / Founder.
  • They’re geo-distributed across the U.S. Where you choose to live/work is fine if it suits you.

3 things to know about the tech environment

  • You’ll work with React, Go/Golang, gRPC, Postgres, Redis, AWS
  • You’ll have an opportunity to help build and improve on their CI / CD pipeline & integration testing
  • You’d be joining the team during a time they are solving for many “big-ticket” i.e. fun problems such how to approach their architecture to manage data at-scale

3 key things we need you to come with

  • Prior success being an Engineering Lead who can effectively motivate and lead a team remotely
  • You lead by example: you yourself are a very strong Software Engineer, adept from architecture to implementation
  • You know how to foster productivity through effective collaboration, yet have the confidence as a decision-maker to do what’s right for the product even if it’s the unpopular choice