Our passion is creating and executing tailor-made recruiting strategies.

We leverage technology, data, human-behavior theories, agile principles and industry expertise to serve as your people partner. Starting with your business objectives and fibers of your culture, we craft Target Candidate Personas (TCPs) that represent your core hiring criteria, and screen critically against those metrics.

We determine who you need to hire, when and how. Our joy is to present a short-list of highly viable candidates and guide the entire recruiting cycle, from interview to offer negotiation.

How we recruit


we recruit for you, as an external partner augmenting current recruiting efforts

Built for companies that:

  • Have ala carte hiring needs
  • Want to make single placements
  • Want more recruiting expertise
  • Want supplemental support
  • Lack qualified inbound applicants
  • Prefer a Single-Purchase, Pay-Per-Search experience

Value-added impact to:

  • Your speed of hiring
  • Increasing your reach of qualified talent
  • Augment vs. replace your current recruiting efforts

Fee structure:

The full search fee is due after Digital Knack’s candidate is hired.


we function as embedded recruiting partner to your business unit or HR team.

Built for companies that:

  • Want to build & scale teams
  • Want a dedicated talent partner that customizes approach and matches company cadence
  • Want dual-support evaluating inbound and recruited talent
  • Are looking to build a thoughtful approach to recruitment early-on
  • Prioritize diversity of thought & company culture
  • Prefer a subscription-like experience: ongoing value, on-demand fulfillment, personalized service

Value-added impact to:

  • Your recruiting costs
  • Building-out your talent pipeline
  • Your employment brand
  • Co-creating a thoughtful approach to hiring that scales with you as you grow.
  • Making Diversity of Thought & Company Culture a priority in your recruiting strategy

Fee structure:

A flat monthly rate that secures Digital Knack as a native extension of your company. Enabling us to impact your growth, culture and overall recruiting strategies. Pricing is tiered based on the number of hires you need to make.

Executive Search

we partner with a member of your Senior Leadership team to conduct the strategy and full-cycle execution of senior/executive searches.

Built for companies that:

  • Companies hiring executive or senior-leadership level roles
  • Confidential searches
  • Niche hiring needs
  • A highly-customized approach, including transparent data-capture & reporting

Value-added impact to:

  • Your employment brand
  • Your prospective candidates’ experience through high-touch and highly credible level of engagement

Fee structure:

Digital Knack’s services are retained through an initial fee, which is applied towards the full search fee after Digital Knack’s candidate is hired.

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