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20%+ of Pre-Series A Hires (and counting)

Partners Since: 2016
Locations: Menlo Park, CA & Los Angeles, CA
STRIVR is used by some of the world’s most respected organizations, from professional sports teams to Fortune 100 companies. The STRIVR platform utilizes immersive VR to help individuals learn faster and more effectively, which improves reaction time, pattern recognition, and decision making in the real world.

The Need

The Knack

The Impact

  • Highly targeted talent

    with niche expertise for this first-of-its-kind company
  • Secured hires

    impacting bottom line and exceeding quota(s)
  • Co-created a process

    to launch new jobs and evaluate new talent (interivew process & interviewing tactics)
  • Scaled

    4 Cross-Functional Teams

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