Make sure you have the right stuff & that it works.

Be sure you:


Check out lighting & framing

  • It’s best to light from behind the camera, not behind you. Test lighting before your video meeting – are you clad in a halo or a mysterious shadow? Fix it!
  • Declutter to lower background distractions
  • Find a quiet space where you can stay focused
  • Try to skip wearing busy patterns and bright colors
    (Unless you disagree… you do you. It’s just a tad distracting on camera)
  • Sit up straight and get your full torso + arms in frame and centered – don’t rob your audience of eye contact and body language!

Get in the zone

  • Have your resume and the job description printed nearby.
  • Strategically place Post-Its with helpful hints where it’s visible only to you and readable without losing eye contact. Some examples: names and titles of interviewer(s), questions you plan to ask, encouraging statements or reminders like “smile!” or “don’t mumble!”.
  • Be mindful that sometimes, video calls may require you to speak louder, with more energy, and look into the camera ensuring that both the visual and audio pieces of the conversation are optimal
  • Keep people in the loop: If you are typing notes – let the interviewer know: “Hey, if you see me looking down from time to time – I am taking notes as we go if that’s okay!” – put yourself, and them, at ease.


Be kind – we’re all in this together – and stay calm if things go wrong

  • Ensure you have an email and # of the interviewer or point of contact, so that if something does go wrong you can course correct promptly
  • If you have a siren or loud unexpected noise in the background, mute your microphone and submit a chat into the video platform to keep the audience informed that you are simply sparing their ears from loud noises on your end.
  • If someone else physically pops into frame or someone hops onto the video conference call unexpectedly, stay poised – smile, and resolve – it is ok, in fact, it is life – how you react is a great opportunity to show your authentic response in real time to unexpected scenarios.