Who Are We?

Who are we?
We’re Digital Knack. We live to find unique talent in the Digital realm.

Why me?
We think your realm of interests include Machine Learning, NLP, Big Data or related. We’re fascinated by what you do and so are our clients.

Why are we being so mysterious?
Because it’s fun!

Does answering the riddle = giving up my contact info?
Nope. But we’ll give you ours.

So what’s the point?
We hope you’ll ping us and hear us out. We’re one of the good eggs. We take the same care in selecting the companies we work with as we’ve done trying to get your attention in a creative and respectful way.

We aim to set ourselves apart from other dime-a-dozen recruiting firms out there. Even if you’re not ready to explore new opportunities, we hope you’ll contact us to at least let us know that we’re doing something right.