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Digital Knack is a boutique recruiting agency that specializes in the digital media industry. Digital Knack was founded by a digital media recruiting expert to solve the challenges that companies and media professionals face when searching, and securing positions.

With a solid understanding of the digital media landscape, we can identify the industry experts that our clients need in order to make their businesses thrive. Digital Knack is a business based on the principle that the success of a company is dependent on their people.

We work with companies that share our values and we source the best talent in their best interest.

Our service is consistent, focused on long-term securements and backed by industry credibility. Partner with Digital Knack to experience a new kind of recruitment – one entrenched in your culture, mission, and expectations.

client testimonies.


Laura Tellez

Sr. Sales Consultant

“Marcia is an experienced, well-respected, and objective recruitment professional. She provides ideas on how best to package one’s skill-set and knowledge to catch the attention of prospective employers.

“Marcia is an expert in her field. She’s clear, creative, and always positive in her approach. Her recommendations are spot on, and you realize you’re working with a leader in her craft.”


Chris Backschies

Regional Sales Manager

“Over my 15 years in digital media sales Marcia really stands out for her professionalism, industry knowledge and overall demeanor. She knows her stuff and I would highly recommend her to any company looking to work with the best to put Marcia on their short list of recruiters.”

Michael Wong headshot

Michael Chang



“The executive team at Greystripe and I worked with Marcia closely as we built our division rapidly from 30 to 60 in a span of 9 months.  She knows not only how to find the right skills, but more importantly she took the time to learn about our team to make sure that the people we added were a cultural fit.”


Dmitry Shulman

Director of Business Development

“Marcia did an amazing job helping me obtain the position I really wanted in an industry where I had limited experience.  I did have significant business development experience, just not in the industry I was looking to move into. Marcia pretty much held my hand through the entire process, keeping me fully informed and even suggesting the appropriate material I should review before the interviews.  If the opportunity presents itself, I would gladly work with Marcia again.”

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Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)

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