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Cassie Rosengren

Cassie co-founded Digital Knack to inject her expertise of people, technology and marketing into a human-centered business. She wanted to empower the game changers of tomorrow by bringing them the necessary talent and comradery for their respective missions. Cassie is relentlessly focused on cultivating a culture of innovation and drive – one that can meet the energy, stamina and commitment of DK clients. Through agile recruiting and the DK Method, Cassie co-creates an unparalleled approach to strategic staffing. She is responsible for sustaining DK’s success – One where impact, revenue, integrity and evolution are mission-critical. Cassie builds teams from scratch, drives leadership recruitment and co-creates company culture strategies with clients.

Fun Facts | Cassie

  • If she’s not in the US, she’s probably in Wegbe, Ghana working with Happy Kids Foundation, a locally-rooted NGO she stumbled into and fell in love with.
  • Cassie had to wear an eye patch for most of 3rd grade – a rope snapped intro her right eye, but alas, it healed 20/20!
  • Yoga is her alone time, get calm time, and work it all out time.

Marcia Needels

After years of corporate and agency recruitment, Marcia co-founded Digital Knack to help businesses reach their objectives by bringing their most important asset – their people – front and center. With a keen business acumen and interview style that blends gut and science, Marcia is a trusted advisor to executives that need a strategic talent partner. She’s best known for her direct, forward-thinking, and ‘what if?’ approach to problem solving. Marica takes great pride what Digital Knack has cultivated – a highly curious team that collaborates, leverages agile methodologies, injects humor, great food and plenty of moments to cheers along the way. Founded in 2013 with her daughter, their journey has helped grow startup and IPO companies nationwide.

Fun Facts | Marcia

  • Marcia is a Swiss Miss by virtue of boarding school in Switzerland. She raced special slalom in the alps as a child.
  • Marcia’s first job was selling computers door to door in Denver, CO. She happened to knock on a recruiting firm’s door. Instead of selling them a computer, they recruited her to work for them and she never looked back.
  • Early mornings she can be found running after her huskies in the hills near her Southern California home.

Melanie Dabu

Melanie’s well-stocked spice rack of recruiting experience is matched only by her healthy supply of food, wine and SciFi trivia. Bearing happy scars from leading recruitment within Executive Search, entertainment conglomerates, high-growth startups and midsize tech companies, Melanie believes in serving-up a “right-sized” approach. If she ever goes missing, she’s likely to be where the engineers are or in the kitchen, in pursuit of what makes her brain – and tummy – happy and healthy.

Fun Facts | Melanie

  • I'm freaked out by static shock, latex balloons and clowns. As a child, my TV time was ruled by Sesame Street, Star Trek and WWF. It explains a lot.
  • Parallelograms that don’t have 90 degree-angled corners make me uneasy. They’re just wrong.
  • I believe in parallel universes. There’s got to be one out there where ALL chocolate is good for you.

Lindsay Paulson

Salesforce & Workflow Manager
Lindsay serves as Digital Knack’s resident Salesforce expert and use digital technology to enable a more connected and informed business. She helps to serve up the data insights that showcase business performance, recruiting analytics, and the infrastructure that allows Digital Knack to provide client and candidate support in an impactful, current and actionable manner. Her ability to identify and maximize people analytics, workflow management, automation and integrations allows Digital Knack to maintain their Kaizen approach of continuous improvement.

Fun Facts | Lindsay

  • A sports nut since youth, her notebooks were full of baseball, basketball and hockey statistics.
  • Lindsay was a ballerina as a kid and went on to instruct + perform in local circus arts scene (and teach children’s yoga).
  • Lindsay was a bit of a late bloomer to the world of tech, sparked when her daughter began coding at age 7. Two years later, and her daughter is now building her own website from scratch via JavaScript.

Sara Ledbetter

Sr. Talent Research Specialist
Sara is a strategic sourcer who hand picks top talent and drives operational efficiency. Her craft is in curating high potential candidates based on their stack of experience, impact and observed interests. Her research across industry trends, employer brands, talent demand, and client hiring needs propels DK to recruit with precision. A tri-modal thinker, Sara thrives when analytical, creative and social problem solving collide.

Fun Facts | Sara

  • I absolutely hate roller coasters! Free falling is the most horrible feeling on earth. I will not change my mind on this. Another thing I hate is cockroaches. But I love spiders.
  • My favorite thing to do is make people laugh. I will do almost anything to get someone to smile or giggle if they are blue. Some early inspirations include the Amanda Show and Spongebob.
  • I love animals. This is sometimes an issue, because my roommate works at an animal hospital and brings dogs home every once in awhile and I want to keep all of them. The last one who visited never left. Whoops!

Andrew Rojas

Talent Acquisition Specialist
Andrew is led by an innate desire to cultivate genuine connections and positively impact the lives of those around him. As Talent Specialist at Digital Knack he revels in the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives via full cycle recruiting. Andrew engages in the entire recruiting process from developing recruiting strategies with clients to execution. With previous experience in financial, hospitality and security sectors, Andrew has a well-rounded view of talent and how business functions operate cohesively. Developing strong relationships is the foundation of everything he does, both professionally and personally.

Fun Facts | Andrew

  • If Andrew isn’t at his desk, he can be found at the nearest boba shop.
  • If Andrew is “out”, he’s probably at a music festival.
  • Andrew has two nieces that he loves more than music festivals and boba shops combined.