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Cassie Rosengren

Cassie co-founded Digital Knack to inject her expertise of people, technology and marketing into a business where she could define success based on her ability to help others prosper. She builds teams, employer brands and talent acquisition strategies for her clients. A marketing and communications professional by trade, Cassie crafts recruiting campaigns that engage the candidate as the customer to cut through the noise in the marketplace and reach the top performers.

Fun Facts | Cassie

  • If she’s not in the US, she’s probably in Wegbe, Ghana working with Happy Kids Foundation, a locally-rooted NGO she stumbled into and fell in love with.
  • Cassie had to wear an eye patch for most of 3rd grade – a rope snapped intro her right eye, but alas, it healed 20/20!
  • Yoga is her alone time, get calm time, and work it all out time.

Marcia Needels

Before co-founding Digital Knack, Marcia led recruiting for a major digital media company. She found herself in a booming industry immersed in a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. For 5+ years, Marcia delivered hundreds of candidates that matched on paper and aligned with culture and business strategy. It was clear that Marcia found her knack, so to speak. Being selective about the companies she represents enables her to be passionate about the client employer brands while attracting the right talent.

Fun Facts | Marcia

  • Marcia is a Swiss Miss by virtue of boarding school in Switzerland. She raced special slalom in the alps as a child.
  • Marcia’s first job was selling computers door to door in Denver, CO. She happened to knock on a recruiting firm’s door. Instead of selling them a computer, they recruited her to work for them and she never looked back.
  • Early mornings she can be found running after her huskies in the hills near her Southern California home.

Gabrielle Zetino

Associate Consultant
Gabby first joined Digital Knack while attending Loyola Marymount University through their Apprenticeship Program. Currently, Gabby serves as an Associate Consultant, ensuring that clients and candidates are informed and empowered to make the best hiring decision. With a degree in Psychology, Gabby has a scientific and research-backed view on what drives human behavior. When engaged in a talent search, she starts with research around the client and client industries, roles, and target candidates of Digital Knack’s clients. As a full-cycle recruiter, Gabby supports sourcing to outreach, interview to onboard.

Fun Facts | Gabrielle

  • If I have headphones in, I’m probably listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack or a podcast.
  • She has the Cub Scout promise and motto memorized after 10+ years in scouting due to her two brothers and Dad.
  • She can be found wandering through aisles at used bookstores, record stores and massive Whole Foods.

Melanie Dabu

Director Technical Recruiting (Consultant)
Melanie’s well-stocked spice rack of recruiting experience is matched only by her healthy supply of food, wine and SciFi trivia. Bearing happy scars from leading recruitment within Executive Search, entertainment conglomerates, high-growth startups and midsize tech companies, Melanie believes in serving-up a “right-sized” approach. If she ever goes missing, she’s likely to be where the engineers are or in the kitchen, in pursuit of what makes her brain – and tummy – happy and healthy.

Fun Facts | Melanie

  • I'm freaked out by static shock, latex balloons and clowns. As a child, my TV time was ruled by Sesame Street, Star Trek and WWF. It explains a lot.
  • Parallelograms that don’t have 90 degree-angled corners make me uneasy. They’re just wrong.
  • I believe in parallel universes. There’s got to be one out there where ALL chocolate is good for you.

Lindsay Paulson

Data Specialist
Lindsay is Digital Knack’s internal data and operations powerhouse. A Salesforce aficionado with a knack for process improvement, Lindsay handles CRM automation, standardization and data aggregation (that is a lot of -actions, but she does them all). Through analytics dashboards, data management, and workflow optimization, Lindsay keeps Digital Knack focused talent consulting while curating the people analytics necessary to build data-driven recruiting strategies, measure internal performance metrics and identify recruiting and hiring trends. Her ability to identify and maximize useful data points and analytic dashboards to identify areas of opportunity for improvement help Digital Knack maintain their Kaizen approach.

Fun Facts | Lindsay

  • A sports nut since youth, her notebooks were full of baseball, basketball and hockey statistics.
  • Lindsay was a ballerina as a kid and went on to instruct + perform in local circus arts scene (and teach children’s yoga).
  • Lindsay was a bit of a late bloomer to the world of tech, sparked when her daughter began coding at age 7. Two years later, and her daughter is now building her own website from scratch via JavaScript.

Kristal Akhavan Nicolet

Associate, DK Academy
Kristal is a seasoned customer success professional turned talent sourcer. After graduating UCLA, she did what many in her place do and took a stab at survival in San Francisco where she gained over 8 years of experience in client relations, project and process management. She recently decided to change her career path to learn the ins & outs of recruiting. She is the first to be selected for the Digital Knack Academy, which is designed to grow Digital Knack’s team of consultants with a homegrown approach to recruiting and talent consulting.

Fun Facts | Kristal

  • Kristal is convinced coconut flour & stevia will to rule the world of desserts - her latest success is a molten lava cake!
  • She and her husband reside in the central valley of California and have taken up a serious interest in enjoying & collecting wine - reds only if you ask her.
  • When she's not scanning the web for top talent, she's chasing her goldendoodle puppy Sailor around the house to make sure he's not getting into mischief.